Caitlin Eckstein

In the not-too-distant past, Caitlin’s life was different. She was out of shape, she smoked, and was depressed. There were moments in her life when thoughts of suicide entered her mind, but in time, the fog began to slowly dissipate. She quit smoking and began taking walks, which eventually morphed into hikes in the Southern California mountains. As her health improved and confidence began to grow, Caitlin started running and later joined the world of indoor cycling. And then she found boxing.


“Most of my depression and anxiety is the result of physical abuse I underwent at a young age,” Caitlin said. “I’ve often struggled with feeling like my own body was never my own. I have yet to find anything that has helped me overcome and cope with those feelings more than boxing has.  When I have gloves on… my body feels my own. My power, too.”


That instant connection led her to fall in love with a sport that once intimidated her. Since that journey began at BoxUnion just over a year ago, she has since become a boxing coach at the gym.