Hayabusa and PunchLab Bring Interactive Boxing Training Into Your Home Or Gym

Hayabusa and PunchLab Bring Interactive Boxing Training Into Your Home Or Gym

Hayabusa is releasing a special edition bundle, giving you NO more excuses from starting fitness combat. For a limited time receive a phone strap, an app and a free membership deal, the perfect holiday gift for combat fitness enthusiasts.

KINGSTON, ON, CANADA  — Data tracking and technology is embedded in most sports these days and combat fitness is no exception. PunchLab Powered by Hayabusa is an app (Android and iOS) that turns your heavy bag into an interactive training device. It will detect, measure, and react to any strikes you throw at the bag using technology already built into your smartphone. Hayabusa is offering this app in a bundle that includes everything you need — Hayabusa gloves, an app, and a phone strap that attaches to any heavy bag — to maximize your routine. Just as Peloton has changed the cycling world and Mirror is impacting in-home workout, PunchLab Powered by Hayabusa will change fitness combat.

Hayabusa, a global leader in fitness combat, boxing gloves and fight training apparel, is giving you every reason to begin or continue your journey into this sport. Hayabusa is sponsoring your smart training sessions with a code that unlocks the app for 3 months of free training when you purchase a pair of Hayabusa gloves. After downloading the app, place your phone into the belt and attach it to a heavy bag. You can choose different workout programs to get you started, but the app goes even further. Gamify your workouts by participating in interactive training, challenges, live one-on-one competitions, social leaderboards and more. Gain access to professional-level data. Once the free portion of the app has ended, users can continue their workouts by subscribing to the app for as little as $4 per month or $48 annually.

“Hayabusa encourages people to become stronger and healthier through combat. We’re offering a way to gamify your training sessions and eliminate the intimidation that comes with trying something new,” Hayabusa Co-President Craig Clement said. “PunchLab Powered by Hayabusa offers a convenient and fun way to train in the comfort of your own home or at a gym. You’ll see improvement physically and more importantly mentally as you gain confidence. We’re there every step of the way on your journey to a better, healthier life.”

PunchLab has continuously improved by enlisting the help of amateur, professional, and champion boxers to make the app the best it can be for all levels of users. Individuals can create their own workouts and trainers can develop branded boxing routines for their clients. Gyms can also use the app to track the performance of their members.

“Partnering with Hayabusa, a leader in this industry, is a milestone achievement for us at PunchLab. It is the only brand that has innovation and technology in their DNA,” Valerio Raco, inventor and PunchLab co-founder, said. “We know that together, we will push the fitness combat industry to the next level.”

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About Hayabusa

We are passionate about personal growth and evolution. We are part of the lifestyle of combat sports and understand the sacrifices required to pursue and attain your goals. We live and breathe by this. This is what drives us to uphold our standards and push to do the right thing. We are proud of it. We love a challenge because it’s worth it.

Since its inception in 2006, Hayabusa has become one of the most trusted and innovative equipment and apparel companies in the world of fitness combat and sports. Practitioners, from elite-level professionals like Georges St-Pierre to everyday people that use combat to get into and stay in shape, rely on our products for safety, comfort, durability and overall quality. From boxing gloves and gis to shorts and compression apparel, Hayabusa conceives, designs, tests and assembles products to the highest of standards. Learn more at

About PunchLab

PunchLab brings punching bags to life with a mobile app that transforms your smartphone into a sophisticated punch tracker using your smartphone sensors. Boxing training workouts just got better and more fun with the first sports tech app that turns any punching bag into an interactive device and tracks heavy bag workouts. The team behind PunchLab has a clear goal in mind: to put PunchLab on every punching bag in the world. Learn more at