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How Punching Bag Training Can Supercharge Your Workout

Using punching bags for boxing training can quickly build the strength and stamina needed for combat. It benefits fighters in many ways, including improving striking skills and power, amplifying cardio fitness, and aiding in stress relief.

As you hone your technique, there are various punching bags to help you with speed, accuracy, and being dynamic during your boxing workouts. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of punching bags, the purpose of each, and how you can use them to develop your power and confidence in throwing and evading punches. 

Types of Punching Bags

Boxing gyms have a variety of bags available for individual and group training. There’s also the option of securing a heavy bag for home gym setups. 
Here’s an overview of factors to consider when deciding how to choose a punching bag that best fits your needs:

Nearly every boxing gym has heavy bags hanging from the ceiling. It is the best punching bag for beginners since it helps develop power, endurance, and control as you refine your form and skills. 

They are typically filled with sand, though some are filled with water or stuffed fabric, and range in weight from 40-60 lbs., making them good for all fitness levels. The Hayabusa Heavy Bag is ideal for both home and commercial gym use. 

It is designed to take the most intense beatings with a superior combination of strong yet soft materials Hayabusa is known for. And since the bag is shipped unfilled, you save significantly on shippng costs and can fill it to your desired weight. 

Hayabusa Heavy bag ideal for home gym use

Speed Bags

This smaller bag is set at slightly higher than eye level and is purposeful for improving hand-eye coordination, speed, and rhythm. Though not as heavy, the best speed bag for boxing builds stamina and strength in the arms, shoulders, and back. 

To get started with speed bag training, you’ll want to extend your fist straight out to strike the belly of the bag. Then, circle your hand back in a defensive position

Start slow and hit every second or third rebound. As you find your rhythm, you can hit the bag after every rebound, alternating hands and positions, and picking up speed.

Double-End Bags

The double-end bag is similar in size, weight, and purpose to the speed bag. It’s designed to develop a fighter’s timing, accuracy, and reflexes. 

Because of the density of the bag and the rapid rebound it delivers, it also challenges hand-eye coordination and promotes agility as you train. 

The Hayabusa Double-End Bag is quick to set up in a home gym by attaching the cords to ceiling and ground anchors. The included air pump also lets you fill it up or as little as you like to switch up your training sessions.

For a smaller design, the 2.5-inch Double-End Ball tests a fighter’s focus and precision. It can be adjusted to any height and is easy to set up within minutes.

Hayabusa heavy bag: Best speed bag for boxing training.

Free-Standing Bags

The biggest advantages of free-standing bags are their portability and convenience. Like heavy bags, they can be filled with water or sand or can be pumped with air.

The Hayabusa Cobra Reflex Bag is a boxer’s ultimate tool. The height is easily adjusted to simulate different opponent sizes and the high tension spring recoils at rapid speed. 

Those with home gyms appreciate the compact design and convenience they offer for practicing boxing workout drills to improve punch speed, accuracy, and rhythm.

Hayabusa Cobra Reflex Bag

Hayabusa Cobra Reflex Bag
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Hayabusa Double End Ball

Hayabusa Double End Ball
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Hayabusa Classic 12” Double End Bag

Hayabusa Classic 12” Double End Bag
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Hayabusa Heavy Bag

Hayabusa Heavy Bag
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Punching Bag Training Tips

Safety and comfort remain top priorities with training with a punching bag. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get started:

Protect the Hands

Before heading into any boxing session, make sure your hands are properly wrapped and protected by boxing gloves. Hand wraps keep your hands and wrists in alignment and provide extra knuckle coverage. Meanwhile, boxing gloves absorb the impact from punches so there’s no reason to hold back during your training sessions. 

Choose the Right Bag

It’s beneficial to switch up training between heavy bags and speed bags to focus on different skills. As a beginner, it’s smart to start with a heavy bag as it is primarily used for boxing classes and can ease you into the rebound of a bag as you build up speed, power, and confidence. 

Check for Durability

To withstand repetitive punches and kicks for years of training sessions, you’ll want the most durable bag possible. Hayabusa's quality construction and best-in-class materials ensure you have the long-lasting toughness that bag training requires.

Invest in the Best to Achieve Your Training Goals

Hayabusa’s boxing bag collection has a size, weight, and style for every level of fighter. 

With ultra-tough, non-tear exteriors, and customizable fill options to suit your training needs, you'll have everything you need to perfect your strikes and kicks.