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Designing Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves

Earth's Mightiest Avenger

Enduring a troubled past and an unforeseen accident, Carol Danvers became one of mightiest heroes in the universe, Captain Marvel. Guided by a strong sense of duty and honor, Carol uses her remarkable powers to defend and protect those in need. By never backing down, Carol seeks to prove to herself that she has indeed become a true hero.

“Higher, further, faster” is Carol’s motto; she's always looking to better herself by striving for more. This is the exact motivation we wanted to give you when you train in the Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves – the strength, and empowerment to push yourself further. The glove’s bright colors, stripes on the wrist straps, and famous star symbol are all callbacks to her classic comic book suit and her clouded past as an air force pilot.

The star is such an essential element of Captain Marvel’s suit that we went to the effort of debossing / embossing it to make it pop. Using metallic leather print in the design of the star, we gave it a sharp-edged look when combined with the specially cut foam underneath.

Embossed / Debossed design edging + Specially cut padding under star

Custom Metallic leather: Gold

Bright, traditional colors

Specially cut foam raises star

Hayabusa x Marvel:

Collaborating with Marvel has inspired us to push our limits. Our top-of-the-line T3 gloves were transformed to reflect the design and style of Marvel universe heroes. The craftsmanship and our obsession with detail paid off; the results are stunning. High-performance superhero inspired gear you can wear to push yourself to new limits.

This series intends to give you a glimpse into the design and production side of creating boxing gloves throughout our collaboration with Marvel. Each article features one hero inspired glove in our Marvel Hero Elite line, giving you a breakdown of the character, our design inspirations, and info about the glove's production.

Our team makes it look easy, but creating these gloves was no simple task. Taking responsibility for a new piece of the Marvel universe is nerve-wracking, but as passionate Marvel fans, we were up for the challenge. We couldn’t be prouder of the final result.

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