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Fitness Boxing

It's Time The Gym Fears You!

Whether you’re new to fitness boxing, fitness kickboxing, or a seasoned pro, this sport is a great way to burn calories, expel aggression and get a fun, total body workout! 

The Best Boxing Gloves

Runners know they need the right shoes to run without pain. The same is true for fitness boxing. The best boxing gloves offer protection so that you can push yourself further. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves protect your hands and feel great while you train. Patented dual wrist straps and splint keep your wrists aligned when punching, providing a strain-free perfect fit . Your hands stay cool and comfortable throughout your entire workout. Hand-crafted with the finest materials, these gloves provide maximum impact absorption. You’ll finish your workout knowing that you laid it all out, without any hand or wrist pain.

From the moment you put on your Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves, you’ll know you chose the best fitness boxing gloves.



Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves come in many different colors and styles because we know this is Your Fight. Express yourself and be you!

Still going strong - It’s been a year and they feel brand new. Super supportive, I'll never buy anywhere else.

Allie - United States

Verified Buyer

Best fitting glove I've ever had - I've never felt so powerful before. Really love the quality and support of this glove.

Lexi G. - United States

Verified Buyer

10 STAR GLOVES - I don’t have to worry about my wrists anymore, the protection is incredible.

Raed A. - United States

Verified Buyer

Put Them To The Test

We’re confident you’ll love your T3s, but if you’re still not convinced, we’ve got an offer you can’t pass up. Train with your gloves for up to 90-days and if you’re not satisfied, return them. No questions asked. You’ve got no excuse not to put them to the test.