Your Boxing Gloves Need A Fitted Pocket

Your Boxing Gloves Need A Fitted Pocket

Here’s a simple test: Find a pair of boxing gloves and put your hand in each glove and wiggle your fingers, paying attention to the amount of space inside each one. We call that space the pocket.

Now place your hands in a pair of Hayabusa boxing gloves. Feel the difference? We have a glove that features a more secure fit on your hands by design. 

Hayabusa has worked with hand doctors from the top institutions around the world and researched why it is important that boxing gloves have a fitted feel on your hands. The reason is simple: Hands that swim around in the pocket of a glove can become mis-aligned and injured. The hand is constantly moving around — with or without wraps — and when a blow lands, your hand better be at the right angle! 

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Our gloves specifically use a compact, ergonomic pocket that allows boxers to form a natural fist within the glove while maintaining proper alignment. The thumb placement also plays a major role in that function. In doing so, the thumb remains protected and the fingers clench in a natural fist.

To further prove this point, hold your hand out with your fingers extended and squeeze the outer portions with your other hand. Notice how your hand and knuckles will shift, almost accordion-like? Now make a fist and squeeze. Observe how solid and stable your hand is? A snug pocket ensures your first is tight with the glove. It promotes the ability to create a proper fist and keeps you from becoming injured.

All of Hayabusa’s gloves feature a fitted pocket by design. Coupled with high-performance foam and proper ergonomics, it’s no wonder Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves have won so many awards, including the Men’s Health Best Boxing Gloves for two consecutive years. 

Make sure your Boxing Gloves have a fitted pocket so they truly ‘fit like a glove’.