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Why Your Boxing Gloves Need a Fitted Pocket

Here’s a simple test: Find a pair of standard boxing gloves, put your hand in each glove, and wiggle your fingers. Pay attention to the amount of space inside each one. This space is called the pocket.

Now place your hands in a pair of Hayabusa boxing gloves. Feel the difference? Our glove design features a more secure fit on your hands. 

Hayabusa has worked with hand doctors from top institutions worldwide and researched why boxing training gloves must have a fitted feel on your hands. The reason is simple: hands that swim around in the pocket of a glove can become misaligned and injured. 

When boxing, the hand constantly moves around — with or without wraps — and when a blow lands, your hand better be at the right angle. In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of boxing glove pockets, but will first explore why size, weight, and features matter when choosing your next pair of boxing gloves.

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Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves Weight and Size

Part of building good boxing habits is finding balance. This starts with finding the right size and weight of your boxing gloves. 

Too heavy and wearing bag gloves can affect your form and possibly lead to injury. Too light and you may not have the coverage or power you need for effectively landing punches. 

When you have boxing training gloves that fit well, it improves your hand positioning, safety, and performance. This involves taking accurate hand measurements and an adequate amount of foam padding. 

The goal is to ensure the boxing gloves snugly fit the fists and extend past the wrists without feeling too tight or restrictive. Also, depending on the manufacturer, sizing may differ slightly, so it’s best to use the sizing guide to create a perfect match.

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Measuring Hand Size to Match Glove Fit

Fighters with a hand circumference of 6 to 8.5 inches should typically stick with small or medium-sized gloves. Whereas, those with a hand circumference measuring 8.5 inches are more should opt for weightier, 16-oz. boxing gloves.

When it comes to weight, boxing gloves usually start at 10 oz.-12 oz. boxing gloves and can go up to 18 oz. The heavier the gloves, the more padding they have. However, lighter gloves still provide enough protection to feel confident landing effective punches

Beginners typically like to start on the lighter side. Yet, even professional boxers often opt for a lighter pair of gloves for punching bag training versus wearing a heavier pair when sparring. 

It’s also important to note any specific sizing guidelines for competition, as each organization may vary. And avoid common mistakes like forgoing the use of hand wraps when buying and wearing boxing gloves.

Features of Sparring Gloves to Help Pack a Punch

The best boxing gloves focus on the details. Each material, stitch, and design should have the fighter in mind to offer the greatest comfort and protection. 

Keep in mind, not all gloves are made the same. Here are a few of the beneficial features that help Hayabusa Boxing Gloves stand apart from the competition.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves boast sparring glove features designed to enhance punching power.

Unique Fitted Pocket

Our gloves specifically use a compact, ergonomic pocket that allows boxers to form a natural fist within the glove while maintaining proper hand-wrist alignment. The thumb placement also plays a major role in that function. In doing so, the thumb remains protected and the fingers clench in a natural fist.

To further prove this point, hold your hand out with your fingers extended and squeeze the outer portions with your other hand. Notice how your hand and knuckles will shift, almost accordion-like? Now make a fist and squeeze. 

Observe how solid and stable your hand is. A snug pocket ensures your first is tight with the glove. It promotes the ability to create a solid fist and keeps you from becoming injured.

Superior Wrist Support and Hand Protection

To sustain powerful punching and amplify performance, having unmatched support in your boxing gloves is a non-negotiable. With Hayabusa’s Dual-X® plus 4x Fusion Splinting™ wrist support in combination with the Deltra-EG™ multi-layered foam technology, fighters can feel confident their hands are well-protected and ready for battle.

Additionally, the interlocking straps for the wrist support create a secure fit. Meanwhile, the Vylar®-engineered leather is virtually indestructible and can withstand the most intense training sessions and competition.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves provide top-notch wrist support and hand protection.

Classic Colors and Trendy Styles for Every Boxer

Structure and design are prioritized for safety when sparring. However, fighter style is equally important to get excited about workouts and competition. 

From classic black to colorful combinations and special collections, there is boxing gear for every preference. Additionally, there are smaller, lighter boxing glove sizes meant for youth and beginner boxers and more sophisticated, heavier pro boxing gloves for intermediate and advanced fighters.

Settle for Nothing Less Than the Best

No matter how flashy the design or number of features they have, the best boxing gloves are built to last. No one wants to second-guess the durability their gloves have to offer, and fighters can rely on the sustainability of Hayabusa’s craftsmanship.

Fitted pockets are only the first step in securing the perfect boxing training gloves. All of Hayabusa’s gloves feature a fitted pocket by design. Coupled with high-performance foam and proper ergonomics, it’s no wonder Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves have won so many awards, including the Men’s Health Best Boxing Gloves for two consecutive years. 

Find your ideal match by perusing the entire Hayabusa Boxing Gloves collection as you prepare for your next fight.