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Unbreakable Control With The Anchor Grip

The Machado Method

The Breakdown:

In this video Master Carlos Machado reveals how he uses the Anchor Grip to stop any attempt of having a training partner pass his guard. This is a technique that helps you defend your guard and establish a position to sweep or attack. He demonstrates how to avoid having your leg pinned down, as well as a way to block your training partner's advances.

Goal: Maintain the guard and apply the sweep
Base position: Guard
Grips: Anchor Grip
Sweeps: Crunch and punch


Carlos Machado and Hayabusa are collaborating on this series to bring you techniques never seeing outside of highly exclusive seminars before. Master Machado is a Coral belt with over 51 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience.

The methods and teachings in this series are suitable for all levels, and they solidify fundamental skills that will help to improve your ground game.