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Quick Boxing Cardio Workouts For When You’re on the Go

When we hit the road, most of us forget or don’t have enough room to pack what we need for a workout. The good news is keeping yourself in shape away from home doesn’t have to require much equipment. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through a few, quick boxing workouts. While shadow boxing is one of the most popular, there are other simple exercises you can do to stay fit.

Being on the go sometimes leaves little time for exercise. But it’s important to keep up a cardio routine to keep you physically and mentally healthy, wherever your journey may take you.

Quick cardio boxing workouts

Shadow Boxing Cardio Workouts

Shadow boxing doesn’t technically require any equipment, yet you’ll work up a great sweat. Plus, it helps you maintain good form and technique even when not at the gym.

So, is boxing cardio? The short answer is yes! It gets the heart pumping and burns calories, yet also, builds strength and coordination.

Shadow boxing workouts include practicing jabs, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts for two to three consecutive minutes. That's considered one round. Give yourself 30 seconds to rest in between rounds, you can do as many as 10 rounds.

Shadow boxing with Hayabusa boxing gloves while focusing on technique and strength

Trainer-Approved Boxing Exercises

Kollins Ezekh and Natalie Corbin, both trainers based in Los Angeles, are well-versed at putting clients through full cardio boxing workouts. Additionally, Ezekh owns the Wilshire Boulevard Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise location, so boxing movements are guaranteed to be peppered into any workout.

They’ve put together boxing exercises that incorporate a heavy dose of shadow boxing for cardio. Perform each move for 30 seconds each. Then, make sure you give yourself 15 seconds of rest between each set. Repeat this three to five times.

  • Jab, cross, slip, cross 
  • Squat ending with a knee lift (alternate knees after each squat)
  • Mountain climbers
  • From push up position: Go down onto your elbows - one at a time (almost in a plank) - lift into pushup position and complete a full push up
  • Crunch, throw a jab cross, repeat
  • Lay on your back with your hands under you hips and alternate raising your legs in small movements
  • Reverse lunge (right leg back)
  • Reverse lunge (left leg back)
  • Boxing freestyle (any combo you choose)
  • Jab, cross, then sprawl
high-energy cardio boxing routines for full-body fitness

Amp Up the Intensity 

To step up the intensity of your punching workout even further, add Hayabusa Boxing Gloves to the mix. Though some fighters believe it’s cumbersome to use them, others suggest added weight when boxing for cardio can be great, just not with every round. 

The benefit of added weight is it boosts overall endurance and strength. Also, it allows you to focus on your punching technique as you build muscle memory.See what you’re comfortable with and what you have room for when packing gear to go.

When wearing boxing gloves, you’re also reminded to keep your hands up to protect yourself. After throwing a punch, return your hands to the proper guard position. You’ll create great offensive and defensive posture.

Improve your punching workout for boosting endurance, strength, and technique

Core Strengthening  

A full-body boxing workout routine has a healthy blend of cardio exercises with a focus on core and balance. Boxing trainer Lanny Joon has compiled a workout that can be done anywhere. It’ll help you maintain your endurance and strengthen your core with no equipment at all. 

Here’s Lanny’s go-to boxing workout plan that focuses on those fundamentals:

  • Warm up the body with ab work: Do multiple sets of crunches and other ab exercises to strengthen your core. 
  • Burpees: Perform three rounds of 10 burpees with five seconds rest in between rounds.
  • Squat Jumps: Perform three rounds of 10 squat jumps with five seconds of rest in between rounds.

After ab and cardio work, give your body a good stretch.

 no-equipment workout plan emphasizes cardio, core, and balance for a full-body workout routine

Jump Rope Exercises

Learn how to burn calories fast with boxing for cardio workouts even when away from the gym. Jumping rope gets the heart rate up instantly, and you don’t need anything but one small piece of equipment to take with you. Jump ropes are small enough to carry in nearly any size bag, and you can even do without in a pinch.

Start by jumping rope at a steady pace for 15-20 seconds. Then, double up by rotating the rope twice under the feet between each jump for 15-20 seconds. Alternate between a steady and sped up pace for a total of three minutes.

 Jump rope for quick calorie burn as best boxing workouts

Running Sprints

Another cardio exercise that is valuable for a complete boxing workout routine is running sprints. Whether you are on a treadmill, have access to a track, or just have an open parking lot or street to run on, you can do sprints anywhere.

The key is to sprint in short bursts for high intensity. Follow a 20-20 cycle by sprinting for 20 seconds and resting for 20 seconds, alternating for three minutes to complete one round. 

In only 15 minutes, you’ll complete five rounds and greatly impact your stamina and endurance needed for boxing.

Under the Line

Boxers perform under the line drills at the gym using a slackline. However, if you are doing this exercise when on the go, take on a shadow boxing mentality, and imagine one as you bob and weave.

As the exercise name suggests, step under the line and pop up on the opposite side as you walk to the end. Every time you pop up, throw a cross or a hook. 

Once you reach the end, do 20 squats. Perform this series six times and focus on quickness. 

This is boxing for cardio at its best, targeting the quads, core, and upper body. Plus, it focuses on agility and quickness. And to adjust to a low-impact cardio boxing workout routine, slow down your movements as you head down the line. 

 integrating punches for a dynamic cardio workout targeting quads, core, and upper body

Switch Up Combinations

Whether you’re performing a few boxing cardio drills in succession or focusing on one cardio activity, there is always room to switch it up. Keep your boxing cardio workouts fresh and fun to keep consistent. 

Also, as you reach greater levels of performance, adding new combinations to the mix will continue to enhance your training by working different areas of the body. With these simple, yet effective exercises, you’ll never have an excuse to skip cardio again.

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Elevate Your Boxing Cardio Workout with Hayabusa Gear

Regardless of where you are, there’s no need to leave a good workout behind. With a few key pieces of boxing gear, you can take your best boxing workouts with you wherever you go. 

For instance, the PTS3 Focus Mitts and Speed Jump Rope from the Boxing Training & Coaching Equipment Collection is useful to practice punches, increase agility, and get the heart pumping. 

Also, when traveling, scope out boxing gyms near where you’ll stay. Many offer day passes or classes so you can keep up your regular boxing workout routine. 

And, as you pack, leave room for your gloves, hand wraps, and boxing shoes so you’ll always be prepared to get in a boxing cardio workout. With versatile gear and fighter dedication, you’ll embody a champion mentality wherever you go.