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Laura Stylez

With over 13 years in the radio industry, the California native is a remarkable force in the New York market, the toughest scene to break into and be heard.

Laura is most known for co-hosting Ebro in the morning on NYC’s #1 hip hop radio station Hot 97. Laura also hosts her own podcast Improper Etiquette. 

She won't tell you it's been easy getting to where she is now. She's had to fight for it; working her way from getting coffees and answering phones to where she is now, hosting alongside two of the industry's biggest radio personalities, Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg.

Her down time is spent bringing that fight to the boxing ring. "Boxing became such a stress reliever... a personal time for me to concentrate... to forget about all the chaos in my life. I've never really been athletic, so boxing made me feel accomplished.. like I could actually put my energy into it and sweat!"

What brought Laura to Hayabusa? "I learned the hard way!!! I put on gloves without protection and got hurt. Thank god it was nothing bad but I quickly made it a priority. I will not box without protection."