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Orthodox vs. Southpaw Stance: Which is Right For You?

There are two positioning styles in boxing - the southpaw stance and the orthodox stance. But how are each defined and is one better than the other? 

In this blog, we’ll identify the difference between the orthodox vs. southpaw stance and answer a few frequently asked questions about the two. Regardless of the one you favor, the goal of any good fighter is to keep opponents on their toes.

The Main Difference Between Fighting Stances 

Generally speaking, the boxer stance you choose is based on whether you’re left- or right-handed. The orthodox stance is favored by right-handed fighters. This is when you place your left foot in front of the right foot, favoring the more dominant side. 

Alternatively, the “unorthodox stance” positions the feet in the opposite way. The right hand and right foot are forward. Though the southpaw stance is favored by left-handed fighters, boxers often use both styles to build strength and agility when training and sparring. 

So, is it better to fight southpaw or orthodox? The answer is both are equally impactful. A left-handed boxing stance is just as strong as a proper orthodox boxing stance. 

The preference depends on which gives you the dominant edge and how much you want to switch up positioning to keep your opponent off guard. 

Understanding the Southpaw vs. Orthodox Distinctions in Boxing

Is It Good to Switch Between Southpaw and Orthodox?

Since boxing training involves maintaining versatility, especially when achieving your best boxing footwork, switching up your stance every now and then is valuable. 

Alternating between an orthodox vs. southpaw stance allows you to become more comfortable with your non-dominant side. Plus, it’s beneficial when defending against opponents who also use both fighting stances.

Comparison of boxing stances: Orthodox vs. Southpaw

Which Is Harder to Fight: Southpaw or Orthodox?

For most people, the southpaw stance is harder only because the majority of people are right-handed. Therefore, it places the weaker hand in the back to deliver punches. 

However, through training, boxers can develop greater stamina and endurance to become effective on both sides. Either way, a strong fighting stance requires working on balance, footwork, and punching effectiveness. 

It’s easier to train with whatever your dominant hand is since you’ll rely on it the most. But it’s advantageous to throw your non-dominant hand into the mix and make sure you are comfortable switching positions.

Boxer switching between Southpaw and Orthodox positions

Dynamic movement in the ring: Exploring boxing stances

Benefits of Each Boxing Stance Explained

Both boxing stances are effective, but there are a few unique benefits each has.

Orthodox Stance

There are more right-handed people than left-handed, which makes the orthodox stance the one most commonly used. 

Training Familiarity 

The biggest benefit of the orthodox stance is most fighters and coaches use this same stance as well. They know this positioning well and can provide deeper insight into training on boxing moves and techniques with this style.

Solid Body Shots

Due to the feet and hand placement of orthodox boxing, it automatically puts you closer to your opponent’s right side. This gives you a direct path for a solid body shot.

Mastering the Art of Southpaw Boxing and Orthodox Techniques.

Southpaw Stance

Southpaw boxing is often considered a “secret weapon” as most are not as familiar with this type of positioning. 

Element of Surprise

Southpaw fighters have a completely different style and approach. Therefore, when going up against an orthodox boxer, it can catch your opponent off guard. They won’t be able to anticipate your shots as well, giving you the edge. 

Builds Power in Both Hands

Training with a southpaw fighting stance improves performance using both hands. Therefore, you can reserve your dominant hand for powerful punches, while doing damage with effective jabs using the left hand. 

Southpaw & orthodox Boxing Mastery and the Art of Movement

Boxing Gloves and Boxing Shoes for All Fighting Styles

There are several different types of boxing stances, punches, and techniques to add to your repertoire. Whether you fight orthodox, southpaw, or a combination of the two, you’ll want to make sure you have equally durable gear for combat. 

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When it comes to any martial arts fighting stances, don’t be afraid to switch up your style every now and then. Just remember to secure your positioning with the best in boxing gear.