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Best MMA Shorts: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Fighters

Choosing the best MMA shorts for combat is different from what you wear for everyday physical activities. The material, fit, and even type of waistband all make a difference when selecting the best shorts for your next fight. 

Same as when investing in the best boxing gloves, it’s best to focus on the quality and construction of your MMA training gear. The apparel you wear and equipment you use should have you feeling well-supported and confident in your performance. 

We’ll take you through buying factors to consider and various fight shorts features for each MMA discipline, so you can decide which makes the most sense when selecting your next pair.

Finding the Right Fight Shorts Fit

MMA fight shorts are more form-fitting than your average athletic wear. However, the fit should still be non-restrictive and allow for a full range of motion. 

Although MMA shorts for each discipline may vary slightly, there are a few must-haves no matter which style you choose. Then, refer to the Hayabusa Buying Guide to establish the perfect fit.

Close-up of Hayabusa Hex Mid-Thigh MMA Shorts which is perfect for intense martial arts training

Close-up of Hayabusa Hex Mid-Thigh MMA Fight Shorts, crafted for a perfect fit during martial arts sessions.

Materials Matter for MMA Clothing

The best MMA shorts are made with premium, breathable materials with enough stretch to adapt to your movements. Due to the sport’s intensity, MMA training shorts must have durable craftsmanship that will stay secure and keep you comfortable for the long run.

In addition to what features to look for in fight shorts, here are also a few things to avoid when searching for your next pair.

Extended Length

The length of MMA fighter shorts matters as the material can be manipulated during a fight. When there is too much material, it makes it easier for opponents to grab you and restrict your movements.

A streamlined look is necessary to stay agile and ensure you aren’t inadvertently giving your opponent an advantage.

Zippered Pockets

Style-wise zippered pockets may seem like a good idea, but they can be distracting on the mat. With such close contact during combat, zippers weigh down the pockets and can also cause injury. 

Even the slightest bulkiness could potentially cause fighters to get their fingers caught and make you more reserved in your movements.

Metal Hardware

Metal hardware on the pockets, drawstrings, or any other place on your fight shorts poses a problem. 

Stick with elasticized waistbands and coated drawstrings to keep shorts securely in place no matter how hard you train.

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shorts and the boxing gloves - essential gear for boxers.

Prioritizing Style and Price to Find the Best MMA Shorts

Functionality is one part of the equation when deciding on which fight shorts are best suited for you. However, you don’t have to skimp on style. 

With so many options available, why not choose colors, graphics, and logos that spark your interest and motivate you to train harder? 

Similarly, when comparing prices, the most basic fight shorts will seem like a bargain. But how long will the material last when it’s low-quality? 

Invest in your training and consider the payoff that durable, comfortable, and high-performance fight shorts provide.

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Types of Fight Shorts

Since there are different movements and skills required for each MMA discipline, it only makes sense there’s a pair of fight shorts to match each one.

Some sessions call for high kicks or grappling on the ground, while others focus on dueling it out with a sparring partner while standing on your feet. Take a look at the features to consider for each MMA sport as you narrow down which ones you need for combat.

Hayabusa Pro boxing Shorts, the best kickboxing shorts

Versatility is the main factor when choosing the best MMA shorts. Since training sessions will likely differ from day to day, you’ll want a fit and style to cover all bases. 

Traditional MMA shorts are typically loose-fitting with a secured waistband for support. 

However, think about which disciplines you focus most on when in the gym. 

For instance, if grappling is your main skill, then shorter, slim-fitting compression shorts may be your best bet. Fighters seeking muscle recovery, particularly for BJJ, also find MMA compression shorts are the more comfortable fit.

On the other hand, if you’re on your feet the majority of the time, you’ll want a pair that offers plenty of ventilation and unrestricted movement. But if you can’t decide, it’s also not uncommon to have a few different pairs of MMA shorts to rotate between training days.

A man wearing red Hexagon MMA Shorts, showcasing essential gear for peak performance in martial arts

Close-up of red Hexagon MMA Shorts, essential gear for MMA fighters.

The design of muay thai shorts is unique in its wide-cut legs and ultra-lightweight material. Because muay thai calls for a series of high kicks and knee strikes, it’s also crucial that you have unlimited mobility. 

As with other fight shorts, the durability of the fabric and reinforced stitching is essential to keep the construction intact during long training sessions and competitions. 

Meanwhile, find a pair of fight shorts that match your personality. Though a quality design is a top priority, the best muay thai shorts add an extra element of style.

Hayabusa delivers eye-catching, Thai-inspired graphics and the option of multiple colors to complement the current fight mode you’re in.


Most are familiar with the look and feel of boxing shorts. A longer length and elasticized waistband help lock the fit in place, allowing you to stay agile. 

Also, with women’s boxing shorts, in particular, the cut offers full coverage on the hip, butt, and upper legs while supporting maximum mobility. This empowers fighters to punch, kick, and jump comfortably without restriction.

And, as with muay thai shorts, boxing shorts are also typically made with satin, nylon, or a mix of similar lightweight materials. The goal is to stay cool and comfortable as the fighting intensity heats up on the mat.

Hayabusa Women's boxing shorts ensuring comfort and agility during fights

MMA and Boxing Clothes for Every Fighter

There is an entire MMA Fight Shorts collection to help you find your ideal pair. 

If you’re just beginning a training routine and unsure about what boxing clothes to wear, keep it simple with breathable, durable fabrics that are soft and wick away sweat. You want clothes that allow you to move freely while providing a snug fit. 

Searching for the best boxing shorts for women? Like with any quality fight shorts, it all comes down to the fit, fabric, and features with a few extra styles to consider. When you find training apparel you feel comfortable in, your confidence and performance will soar.

Regardless of whether you’re wondering what to wear to muay thai class or want to level up with high-performance MMA gear, Hayabusa has the best fight shorts, apparel, and equipment you need to train and compete like a champion.