Winged Strike Youth Karate Uniform


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Winged Strike Youth Karate Uniform


Winged Strike Youth Karate Uniform
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Winged Strike Youth Karate Uniform

$27.99 USD


Color: Black


Authentic Point-Fighting Competition Uniform

This ultra-comfortable traditional uniform delivers the freedom of movement required during training or competition. It is lightweight, low-maintenance, and quick-drying for optimal performance.

Honoring Tradition

The entire Winged Strike™ Collection is branded with the traditional Japanese word musha, which is composed of the kanji (read “mu”) meaning “Warrior; Military” and (read “sha”) meaning “Person”. So, musha implies warrior in the Bushido tradition and flawlessly embodies the spirit of the Winged Strike™ collection.

  • Sport Karate Sparring Uniform – Competition-Ready
  • 100% Polyester Fabric For Optimal Comfort.
  • Loose Fit For Complete Freedom of Movement.
  • Lightweight, Low-Maintenance, & Quick-Drying.
  • Available In Two Colors: White & Black.
  • Best for: Training, Sparring and Competition
  • Materials: Performance Polyester
  • Reinforcements: Seams, Knees, Crotch, Vents, Lapel, Collar
  • Competition Approved: Yes
  • Adornments: Sublimated