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Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves


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T3 Boxing gloves are the best boxing gloves in the world, and we stand by it.

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The best boxing gloves in the world.

T3s are renowned for their incredible wrist support and hand protection. Designed with you in mind, they offer a customized, secure fit that helps support proper, powerful punches. T3s were built to last using the best materials. Tested and backed by a decade of research, they are the perfect choice for all levels of training. Awarded “Best Boxing Gloves” by Men’s Health Magazine, it’s time to find out why.

Best Wrist Support

High-Performance Protection

Perfect Fit

  • Splints support and align your wrist
  • Multi-layer foam knuckle protection
  • A perfect, lace-like fit every time without the hassle
  • Lining that smells fresh for longer using XT2®  
  • Wipe away sweat quickly with the super soft thumb
  • Highly durable materials and construction

Wrist Protection: 4x Fusion Splinting™

Hand Protection: Multi-Layered Foam

Closure: Dual-X®

Lining: XT2® Fabric

Material: Engineered Leather (Vylar®)

Other: Wipe-Away Sweat Thumb

Basics: Attached thumb, perforated palm, foam grip bar, ergonomic thumb position

Best for: Entry-level / Intermediate / Advanced


Recommended use: 10 - 12 oz for bags/pads | 14 - 16oz for bags/pads partner drills and sparring.

The Last Boxing Gloves You Will Ever Need

Protection of Knuckles

Protects your Knuckles

Wrist support

Supports your wrists

Ruler image

Fits perfectly


Smells fresh longer

Wipe sweat away

Wipe away sweat


High-quality materials

Your hands should never hurt after a training session

T3 delivers the protection you need by combining custom foam composition, a quickly adjustable fit, and best-in-class wrist stabilization.

Give your hands the respect they deserve

We use the best materials to build our gloves, and when we can't find something that meets our standards, we create something better.

Fresh for longer

The silver lining will keep it smelling like new long after you’ve broken them in.

Stay focused

Avoid sweat dripping into your eyes by quickly wiping it away with the special absorbent thumb.


4x Fusion Splinting™ Wrist Support

  • Splinting is the foam structure that runs from your knuckles, down and over top of your wrist along with the exclusive closure system work together to prevent misalignment from awkward bends. In collaboration with the University of Waterloo, we tested the efficacy of the design to prevent wrist deflection, a biofidelic wrist model was constructed at the University of Waterloo. This fist model along with a hinge joint was used to mimic the flexion/extension capability of the human wrist. With this method and cutting edge research, Hayabusa glove technologies delivered the proper wrist alignment for punches. Our gloves with Fusion Splinting demonstrated 99.7% perfect anatomical alignment needed. The built-in splints are so supportive that makes the use of hand wraps optional. This is what makes us unique from all other gloves in the market. (patent 9,079,093)

Dual-X Strap Closure System

  • We developed and patented the most versatile closure system in the industry. Lace-up gloves are often recognized as the greatest fit a glove can offer, so we designed something that gives you that same fit but without the hassle. The fully adjustable Dual-X™ closure system uses 2 interlocking straps, allowing you to customize the fit for your specific need. Its lace-like fit creates hand and wrist stabilization for the best overall fit, protection, and injury prevention. (patent 8,646,113)

CRUSH ZONE™ Foam Composition

  • Our proprietary foam composition was designed to protect and last. Each layer of foam serves a different purpose when absorbing and dissipating the impact force of a punch. We defined the optimal structure by testing dozens of foam properties, thicknesses, layerings, and more. The University of Waterloo produced scientific data on the various combination, and we utilized this to develop the most determine the most efficient and protective combination.


  • Tried and tested ergonomics. T3’s thumb position, pocket size, and design deliver the most comfortable secure fit of any boxing glove. The natural thumb position of T3 was developed over several years of testing and feedback from pro fighters, trainers, and boxers around the world.
  • The pocket-size of T3 provides proper alignment and protection through a snug fit. You can form a fist with ease the moment you try it on. This design will provide continuous support for the long run.

XT2® Silver Lining

  • Protecting your gloves from becoming unusable due to smell is a problem we dedicate ourselves to solve. That's why we use the XT2 fabric technology. It contains an anti-odor agent that protect the gloves keep the gloves smelling like new for longer.

SWEAT-X™ Wipe-Away Sweat Thumb

  • Designed improve every boxer's experience while they train, the wipe-away sweat thumb is a soft material covering the thumb area of every glove so you can clear your face of sweat. Our gloves are the only product on the market with this unique feature.

VYLAR®-2 Engineered Leather

  • The engineered leather used in T3 gloves is our strongest, most resistant material available. It's even more durable than real leather — In 2017 the University of Cincinnati put various materials through a barrage of rigorous tests. 'Vylar' engineered leather stood above all else, proving to be the most resistant material for combat equipment.


How do I put my T3s on my own?
Check out this video demonstrating how easy it is: How To Put On Your T3 Boxing Gloves

How do I store them to improve airflow?
This video shows how to keep your gloves fresh: Proper Boxing Glove Storage

How do I break my gloves in?
They're like jeans, the more you use them, the more comfortable they get. We find they break in nicely after 10 to 15 sessions.

Can T3 be used for sparring?
Yes, definitely! We recommend using the 16 oz size for optimal protection of your hands and your opponent.

What glove size should I buy?
There are a combination of factors and we've found our sizing chart to be an effective way to define the right size. Worried about the perfect fit? So are we! Simply exchange and we'll get you into the perfect size.

How do I clean my gloves?
The best way to keep these gloves clean is to ensure that they are opened fully after use to allow them to properly and thoroughly dry inside.

- To clean the inside, you can use a water-dampened washcloth to wipe the inside of the gloves to remove any oils and dirt which can accumulate in the gloves during use. After washing the inside, ensure the gloves are again left as wide open as possible so they may thoroughly dry. A few times a month, you may wish to use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and water mixture in a spray bottle after the initial wash.

- The outside of the gloves can be washed with a damp cloth as well. We do not recommend using any bleach or other cleaners on the material as this can cause damage to the fabric and as well, if the cleaners are not fully removed, this may cause injury to yourself and others.



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