Heavyweight Karate Gi


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Heavyweight Karate Gi


Heavyweight Karate Gi
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Heavyweight Karate Gi

$39.99 USD


Color: Black


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Heavyweight  Karate Gi Delivers Superior Strength

Hayabusa has always been focused on delivering the very best performance equipment and apparel possible, and the Champion Karate Gi is no exception. Specifically developed with 100% premium 16oz. cotton canvas, which provides industry-leading tensile strength, this heavyweight, tournament-styled gi is built to last and delivers the distinct sound made when doing crisp techniques. It has also been constructed with a reinforced lapel and high-grade stitching to ensure ultimate strength and durability. Plus, with superior breathability and it’s ability to stay fresher longer than other fabrics, this high-performance gi stands apart from the rest.

Honoring Tradition

The entire Hayabusa Karate collection is branded with the traditional Japanese word musha, which is composed of the kanji (read “mu”) meaning “Warrior; Military” and (read “sha”) meaning “Person”. So, musha implies warrior in the Bushido tradition and flawlessly embodies the spirit of Hayabusa Karate.

  • Heavyweight, Traditional Karate Gi, Designed to Last.
  • Reinforced Lapel and Stitching for Ultimate Strength & Durability.
  • 16oz. Cotton Canvas Delivers Industry Leading Tensile Strength and Durability.
  • Brushed Cotton Interior for Superior Breathability, Improved Comfort & Performance.
  • High-Quality, Custom Embroidery Detailing With Authentic Kanji Meaning “Warrior”
  • Includes Jacket & Pants with Drawstring Waist.
  • Does Not Include Belt.