“Hayabusa" is the Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon. A predator of renowned speed, power, and strength; the falcon shares the very same core attributes with the legions of combat athletes who put their trust in us. Since day one, we have possessed an unwavering commitment to be superior in every aspect of performance. From our diverse collection of pro-level equipment to our iconic apparel, we have set a new standard in performance, quality and classic style to which there is no equal. Whether it’s fight night or training day, you’ll find everything you need from the #1 brand in the game.  This is Hayabusa – the true spirit of a fighter!

Hayabusa | #1 Trusted Brand in MMA


The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Technology

The Japanese code of Bushido demanded each warrior craft their weapons and armor with a reverence and degree of workmanship unparalleled in any culture. Following in these very same footsteps, we embarked on the same legendary mission – to produce the highest caliber products by perfectly fusing ancient tradition and modern technology. The bottom line: our equipment and apparel are truly superior in every aspect of performance. We are the new Gold Standard in combat sports.



In the beginning, Hayabusa embarked on a mission to harmoniously fuse traditional Asian culture with the latest advancements in modern technology. The result was a premium handcrafted line of equipment embodying the true spirit of a fighter and pushed combat performance and protection to the next level. After establishing Hayabusa as an icon in the game, we focused on expanding our mission to bring the world’s most technologically superior gear to all disciplines across the world. From Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai, we are a specialty manufacturer and distributor of the most highly sought-after professional grade equipment and apparel supported by a passionate worldwide community of combat athletes. With over 20 patents, 14 product lines and over 65 awarded registrations, Hayabusa continues to be the #1 name in the fight game. 

Hayabusa | #1 Trusted Brand in MMA
Hayabusa | #1 Trusted Brand in MMA


As pioneers of the modern combat equipment  and apparel industry, we are honored to do our part in helping support those in the combat sports community. From sending packages to enhance the training efforts of our armed forces in Kabul Afghanistan to supporting the goals of not-for-profit martial arts schools, it is our duty to give back to the community that has made us the leader we are today. It is a great pleasure to be ambassadors of the sport as well as help people around the world with limited opportunities to overcome hardship in part through martial arts discipline and training.  We at Hayabusa strongly values those in the combat community that lead these wonderful initiatives and are happy to help give back where we can.


Our Partners

Top level professional and amateur organizations understand the need to supply the best gloves and equipment to their fighters; ensuring the highest level of performance and protection.  We are honored to be working with these amazing partners:

GLORY KICKBOXING, LION FIGHT, VICTORY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (VFC), INVICTA FC, Glory Of Heroes League, and many more organizations across the world.


We have also partnered with the WKC and are proud to be approved as the exclusive equipment supplier of their fighters.

Hayabusa | #1 Trusted Brand in MMA