Glory 16oz Velcro Gloves

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16oz Hayabusa ®  Glory Kickboxing
As the exclusive fight glove of the world's premier kickboxing organization; Hayabusa continues to perfect equipment in the combat  industry, delivering the best gloves ever developed for the very best strikers.


Now Introducing the fan requested Glory 16oz Glove high-level sparring and performance training.

Superior Protection for Elite Athletes
The patented Fusion Splinting® technology found in the new Hayabusa Glory Gloves have been shown to provide up to 99.7% perfect hand and wrist alignment for maximum performance and injury prevention.
The new Hayabusa Glory Kickboxing Gloves are also equipped with a state-of-the-art Deltra-EG® Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone™ foam complex designed to absorb unwanted energy transfer, protecting your hands at impact.


Customized, Secure Fit
The Dual-X ® hook and loop closure ensures your hands and wrists will get a customized, secure fit every time during the highest-level of training. 


  • Dual-X hook and loop closure provides a superior customized fit and maximum support.
  • Fusion Splinting® technology enhances wrist support by delivering up to 99.7% perfect alignment.
  • Exclusive Hayabusa AG™ inner fabric and improved ventilation provide enhanced breathability and thermo-regulating properties.
  • 100% Genuine Full Grain Leather, the world’s finest quality leather.
  • Deltra-EG® Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone™ complex absorbs unwanted energy transfer, protecting your hands at impact.

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Richard B Verified Buyer


Glory 16 oz Velcro Gloves

I have worn so many types of gloves, and these Hayabusa Glory gloves are the best I have ever used. Felt comfortable right out of the bag, and the shock absorption on them is incredible. Easy on and off, and they simply feel great inn use. They stay pretty dry, and they are easy to keep clean. You won't go wrong getting a pair of these!

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