Winged Strike Karate Competition Gloves


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Winged Strike Karate Competition Gloves


Winged Strike Karate Competition Gloves
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Winged Strike Karate Competition Gloves

$22.99 USD


Color: Black


High-Density Padding Prevents Injury

Hayabusa® Winged Strike™ Competition Gloves are constructed to fully-protect hands, knuckles and wrists with a secure and comfortable fit. The full-coverage, ergonomic, and high-density padding ensures striking impact absorption and unrestricted movement. The open palm design of the Hayabusa® Winged Strike™ Competition Gloves allows hands to stay cool and comfortable at all times.

Honoring Tradition

The entire Winged Strike™ collection is branded with the traditional Japanese word musha, which is composed of the kanji (read “mu”) meaning “Warrior; Military” and (read “sha”) meaning “Person”. So, musha implies warrior in the Bushido tradition and flawlessly embodies the spirit of the Winged Strike™ collection.

  • Full-coverage, High-Density Padding On High-Impact Areas Provides Advanced Protection.
  • Ergonomic Contoured Shape Conforms To The Hand While Providing Unrestricted Movement.
  • Open Palm Design Provides Superior Ventilation For Ultimate Comfort.
  • Adjustable Hook-And-Loop Closure System Ensured Superior Support and Injury Prevention.
  • Karate & Taekwondo Competition-Ready.
  • Best for: Karate/Sport Martial Arts
  • Wrist Support: Intermediate
  • Ergonomics: Open Palm Design
  • Foam: Injected Molded
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Outer Shell: Engineered Leather