Pro Training Curved Thai Pads

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The Pro Training Series™ Curved Thai Pads are crafted with a micro fibre spine, true curved impact zone and an ultra secure closure system, therefore they will not shift or slide during even the most intense training sessions. Since they are completely flush against the hand/forearm, in addition to boasting dual stabilizers, these pads offer the trainer the ability to control the pace of each session and there is no wasted time adjusting the equipment. Train seriously, and more effectively than ever before, with the Pro Training Series™ Curved Thai Pads!

$179.99 USD

Sold out. Please check with your local Hayabusa Retailer.

  • Only design to ensure 100% flush hand and forearm alignment for a comfort never before attained
  • True curved impact zone for the most intense striking
  • Dual forearm performance stabilizer for the ultimate secure fit
  • Microfiber spine ensures zero slippage and maximum comfort