Pro Training Body Protector

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Hayabusa’s Pro Training™ Body Protector is in a class all its own. Time to throw out your old school chest protector and step into the most intricately designed piece of body protection ever created. With every complex channel and section of this pad strategically created and positioned for precise body and organ protection, you get enhanced protection where it is needed most! No other body pad on the market compares in term of performance, durability, fit and comfort. If you are a coach, you owe it to yourself to be appropriately protected against your fighters.  If you are a fighter, do not hinder your performance by holding back your striking intensity because of the worry that you might injure your trainer.  Make sure your striking coach can handle the hardest hits by getting the best body protector available.  Use the Pro Training™ Body Protector to perfect your striking! 

$199.99 USD

Sold out. Please check with your local Hayabusa Retailer.

  • Precise multi-organ shield with additional abdominal and liver protection
  • V-Spine for maximum adjustability to fit all body types and sizes
  • True-Fit™ shoulder strap provides 360 degrees of unrestricted shoulder movement
  • Angled hip line for lower body protection and unimpeded leg range of motion