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The hammer is the most primitive tool known to man, yet it has remained unchanged for millennia…and for good reason. The hammer always has, and always will be the tool of choice to build-up, shape, mold and chisel away the detritus, leaving behind the finished product for all to behold. As you hammer your fighting style into the finished product, wear your work-in-progress with pride. The Hammer™ t-shirt – a new eye-catching and unique design from Hayabusa® -- in deference to its name, is soft, plush and perfectly fitted to the fighter’s physique. Be the one to bring the hammer down.

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Hammer  T-Shirt Hammer  T-Shirt Hammer  T-Shirt
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  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft discharge, water-based print
  • Top quality construction
  • Soft and comfortable fabric