Pro Training Kick Shield

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For a well-rounded and effective striking game, you need to have a variety of kicks in your arsenal of attacks to keep your opponent guessing. The Hayabusa Pro Training™ Kick Shield is the perfect tool to help you fine tune your kicks. The multiple handles on the kick shield allow a fighter to develop a complete kicking profile. Hold the top handle and let the shield hang low to perfect devastating inside and outside leg kicks. The inside top handle is great for perfecting your push kicks and the inside handles are well placed for the coach to brace for powerful body and high kicks. Not only is this the most functional kick shield available, it is the most durable and protective shield, period! Coaching a hard hitting athlete through an intense kicking session can be extremely draining if you do not use a shield that can properly protect you. The Pro Training™ Kick Shield has the optimal curvature for the coach and the fighter. The high impact absorption properties of the inner core ensures maximum protection for the trainer and perfect responsiveness for the athlete. Take your striking to new levels with the Hayabusa Pro Training™ Kick Shield.

$199.99 USD

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  • High intensity inner core ensures optimal striking feel and responsiveness
  • Multi reinforced handles for maximum kicking versatility and training variety
  • Pro concave design for the most intense performance striking
  • Ultimate impact absorption maximizes comfort and ease of holding