Kanpeki Elite 2.0 4oz MMA Gloves

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The Kanpeki Elite™ Series represents a true unrivaled fusion of old world tradition and new world scientific discovery. Witness the exquisite full grain premium leather that adorns each hand-designed and artisan-crafted element of this elite combat glove. Yet the traditional look and feel is but a veneer for the underlying scientifically conceived and tested design. With patented Dual-X Closure™ technology, your wrist and hands are fully protected and reinforced. With Deltra-EG™, the Kanpeki glove rebounds instantly from the most severe blow, and never bottoms out. Plus, the Ecta™ Technology and Y-Volar™ designs keep your hands dry so the gloves stay tightly in place. 


The Kanpeki Elite Series: For the fighter who demands perfection at all costs and will stand for nothing less.

Kanpeki Elite 2.0 4oz MMA Gloves
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  • The World’s Most Elite MMA Gloves
  • Exquisite artisan-crafted 100% premium full grain leather
  • Patented Dual-X™ for ultimate wrist support and maximum striking power
  • Deltra-EG™ Technology ensures superior glove impact performance
  • Y-Volar™ design keeps the glove tight for maximum stability and responsiveness
  • Perfectly engineered for the most demanding MMA combat