Ikusa Headgear

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Every fighter must protect their most important weapon in the ring! Finally, the latest in scientific developments in cranial protection have been fused with leading ultra-lightweight and sleek materials to develop a full coverage headgear that finishes first! With a new design to maximize visibility and protection, the Ikusa™ Head Gear from Hayabusa® is built to absorb the fiercest impact without adding stiff, constricting bulk. Cranial casted with a high resiliency inner core complex, High-Shock Force™ chin cup, plus an adjustable closure system, this head gear offers a deep, snug and very comfortable fit, with zero sacrifice in protection or visibility.

$99.99 USD

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  • Hybrid design for superior peripheral visibility and complete protection 
  • Cranial-Cast™ lightweight construction ensures a unique customized fit with zero bulk 
  • High-resiliency inner core complex for optimal shock absorption 
  • Integrated ear hole covers and open top design for maximum ventilation