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Pro Training Series Available

The Hayabusa Pro Training Series™ is the pinnacle of trainers gear. The Pro Training Series™ was developed to be the first and only state of the art professional line of performance striking pads tailored specifically to maximize striking technique, power and speed. Due to their technical nature, this is the most specialized line of training equipment ever created and will push your striking performance to new heights.

The Hayabusa Pro Training Series™:

Hayabusa Pro Kick Shield
Hayabusa Pro Body Protector
Hayabusa Pro Micro Mitts
Hayabusa Pro Curved Thai Pads

As a fighter, knowing you can put everything you have into your strikes, without hurting your trainer, is a welcome change. As a trainer, knowing that you can guide your fighter through their workout, without having to pause to adjust your equipment after every strike, will make for a more fluid and dynamic striking session. Designed to take your striking to the next level, the Pro Training Series™ is the perfect addition to your gear bag. Check out the Pro Training Series™ in action and see for yourself how Hayabusa is surpassing the industry in terms of performance, durability, and quality Be sure to pick up the Pro Training Series™ online or from your local Hayabusa retailer.