Mirai Series Striking Gloves

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Superior Fit for Superior Performance

Driven by the passion to revolutionize the performance equipment industry, Hayabusa® set out to develop the best-fitting pair of gloves possible – Introducing the all-new Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves. Equipped with the patented Boa® Closure System, Mirai Series Striking Gloves deliver an easy, one-handed, customized fit for increased speed, agility and accuracy. Plus, once locked into place, Mirai Series Striking Gloves will not shift, maximizing safety and striking confidence. Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves, experience the difference.


A Perfect Fit Every Time, Guaranteed?

Unlike other performance equipment, the new Mirai™ Series delivers a perfect fit every time. We are so confident that the Mirai Series Striking Gloves will be the best-fitting gloves you’ve ever used that we encourage you to take the Mirai Series “Perfect Fit Challenge”.  Try them, risk-free when you purchase online directly from us?!


High-Quality Closure System Built to Last

Equipped with aircraft-grade stainless steel laces that are stronger per gram than tank armor, the award-winning Boa Closure System found in the all-new Mirai™ Series provides an unmatched level of quality and durability. In fact, the reel and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.


Perfect Fit Challenge - Satisfaction GuaranteeBoa - Dialed in for life

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Mirai Series Striking Gloves
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Features & Benefits
  • Superior fit for Improved Safety, Striking Speed and Agility.
  • Powered by the Award-Winning, Patented Boa® Closure System.
  • Once Locked Into Place, the Reels and Laces Stay that Way and the Gloves Won’t Shift.
  • Easy and Instant, One-Handed Micro-Adjustments.
  • Custom Comfort with Smooth, Even Closure and No Pressure Points.
  • A Perfect Fit Every Time, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?.
  • Boa Technology Dialed in for Life Guarantee.
  • Includes Reel Cover for Sparring


? If you are not 100% satisfied with the superior fit of the Mirai Series line of performance equipment, simply return the product with the appropriate return form. Purchase must have been made online at HayabusaFight.com. Please read the full Terms and Conditions.




Could I use Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves while sparring or grappling?

The Mirai Series Striking Gloves were designed specifically for heavy bag and pad training. These striking gloves are lighter in weight and superior to traditional lace with the ease of hook and loop systems. If you are looking for sparring equipment, we recommend a traditional sparring glove, such as the Hayabusa Tokushu Series 16oz. Gloves.


Why do I need a pair of gloves specifically for bag or pad work?

Gloves designed for bag or pad work vary from those intended for sparring. Both are designed to protect your body from injury, but there are respective benefits as well. A sparring or training glove is designed with additional padding to optimize protection for you as well as your sparring partner. Gloves intended for bag or pad work are usually lighter in weight, are developed with slightly less padding, and allow for increased speed and agility, improving aerobic training.


Many fighters choose to own two sets of gloves: one for bag and pad work, and one for sparring. This will allow you to maximize performance and safety, not to mention, increase the longevity of your gloves.