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Training Exclusive: Protecting Your Most Valuable Weapon

Training Exclusive: Protecting Your Most Valuable Weapon
Official Hayabusa® Sports Doctor, Dr. John Knight discloses the candid realities of our physical sport and how to best shield your body against the most common MMA injuries. 


It should come as no surprise that in the case of a professional fighter, the hands and wrists are the single most commonly injured part of the body. While styles such as MMA and Boxing may vary, the injuries sustained by combatants across the board are infinite.


In order to counteract the negative physical impact of these sports, it is important to make sure that anyone, from professional athlete to amateur, take the utmost care of their hands.


Micro-Structures Can Magnify Safety

Among the most common injuries is, the appropriately named, “boxer’s fracture”. This injury occurs when the neck of the fourth or fifth metacarpal (that is, the bone just underneath the ring or pinkie finger) snaps under pressure. When a clenched fist strikes a hard object (even a hard punching bag), the subsequent force travels through the knuckle and into the metacarpals.


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Example of Boxer's Fracture. You can see how the metacarpals are
broken right below the joint.


When the angle of this strike is incorrect, or insufficient protection is provided from the impact force, the relatively delicate bones of the outer hand can shear off at the neck, which is symptomatic of the aforementioned boxer’s fracture.


In either case, these injuries can be avoided with the use of appropriate protective gear. Always ensure that your striking gloves provide ample hand and wrist support and contain high-quality inner core composites for optimal energy absorption and dispersion.


For example, select Hayabusa gloves contain an exclusive micro-structure which goes by the name of the “Deltra-EG Inner Core”. This provides superior protection to the striking hand and also dissipates impact force unlike any other material.


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Minimize Misfires for Maximum Protection

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Wrist Injury

In addition to the fractures of the metacarpal bones, wrist fractures are also extremely common among fighters. The scaphoid bone is arguably one of the most important bones of the wrist, and injuries to it can greatly impact an athlete’s performance.


Often, the scaphoid is injured in a fall, especially on an outstretched wrist, but this type of injury can and does also occur from a misfired punch.


Like other common injuries, wrist fractures can be easily avoided with the proper preventative care, such as proper splinting and padding of the wrist. Certain Hayabusa gloves come equipped with an exclusive “Fusion Splinting” design that is perfectly suited to maintaining the proper alignment of the wrist and hand in order to minimize the potential for injury.


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Force: Friend and Foe

Another common injury to boxers and fighters are tears to the tendons and ligaments of the wrist. Connective tissue anywhere in the body is delicate, but in the wrist it is at particular risk given the amount of force and activity that a wrist may undergo even in the simplest of tasks.


When the wrist is wrenched out of alignment, either by improper technique or by a strike from an opponent, ligaments can rip, or even be torn away from the bone entirely, which leads to pain and loss of function in the wrist.


In order to avoid traumatic injury to the tendons and ligaments in the wrist, it is of the utmost importance that your equipment is designed to appropriately support the wrist and hold it in the proper alignment.




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