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3 Reasons Equipment Can Take Your Training To The Next Level

In 1743, the first ever boxing glove was invented to soften blows to the head. They were called “mufflers”, focused primarily on safety, and were made from nothing more than horse hair and scrap leather.


Decades of technological advancement later, “mufflers” have been modified into light-weight, form-fitting pieces of performance-enhancing armor.


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1. Superior Fit Leads to Enhanced Agility & Accuracy

Perfectly fitting equipment delivers much more than comfort. It gives you the ability to move quickly and easily, and hit with exact precision.


Fit has a direct impact on speed, agility and accuracy, ultimately shaping the outcome of any fight. Because, the athlete who throws three punches to their opponent’s one, has a greater chance of winning the judge’s decision and exiting the ring victorious.


2. Maximize Performance by Decreasing Energy Leaks

Speed and accuracy are one aspect of performance… power is the other. Power is lost through energy leaks. Energy leaks are a result of slippage and movement in your equipment.


Equipment with a strong inner core and superior reinforcements decrease energy leaks and ultimately improves punching power and overall performance. Look for equipment that hugs your body tightly. Your glove and your hand should be one at all times. 


3. Injuries Can Cripple Long-Term Performance

Even with the enhanced capabilities of modern day equipment, injury prevention cannot be forgotten. Every time you connect with a punch, the bones in your hand and wrist shift back and jam together.


This full-force impact can have devastating consequences. Ensuring you equip yourself with premium equipment should be your number one priority. 


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Final Thoughts 

Take the time to do your research and learn about the various layers of padding, reinforcement, and technologies available to stop slippage, align your hand and wrist, and prevent common injuries like musculoskeletal.


Equipment and more specifically, gloves, have come a long way over the past 270 years. Not all equipment is created equal and there are some clear cut winners. Don’t sell yourself short, adapt with the times, and trust the best.