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Only the tokushu™ series gloves contain the state of the art Deltra EG™ inner core, shown to display the highest level of glove impact characteristics for maximum performance and protection.  The tokushu's patented Dual-X™ closure system and Fusion Splinting™ are sophisticated designs that ensure perfect hand/wrist alignment, optimizing striking power and injury prevention.  Vylar™ is a new cutting edge engineered leather that was proven to display ultra high performance, scientifically proven in University research to be superior to other tested materials.  The tokushu’s specialized Ecta™ carbonized bamboo lining deliver a comfort and quality that you only get with Hayabusa.  Put your trust in Hayabusa’s tokushu™ series -the only combat equipment proven by science.

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Tokushu 10oz Gloves Tokushu 10oz Gloves Tokushu 10oz Gloves Tokushu 10oz Gloves
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  • Developed From World-Leading University Research
  • Patented Dual-X™ Wrist Close and Fusion-Zone™ Wrist Splinting Designs for Perfect Hand/Wrist Alignment
  • Provides state of the art injury prevention
  • Maximizes Punching Power by Removing Energy Leaks
  • Exclusive Engineered Leather Vylar™ for Unmatched Performance and Durability
  • Unique Ecta™ Activated Carbonized Bamboo Lining for ultimate comfort, thermo regulating properties and powerful deodorizing effects

In the multi-million dollar research laboratory of a leading University, Hayabusa's exclusive Deltra EG™ inner core was characterized and compared to other gloves. Using a state of the art force transducer striking device, researchers were able to develop cutting edge testing methodology that characterized materials and cores with laser like accuracy. The glove materials and configurations where subjected to thousands upon thousands of repeated impact cycles. The breakthrough results from the hardline data were undeniable. The new Deltra EG™ inner core of Hayabusa's tokushu series outperformed all others tested! The data revealed that this new core composite flawlessly manipulates impact energy, providing superior striking characteristics and protection. Deltra EG™ does not bottom out or degrade, and recovers from strikes instantly, so you are always protected.

Injury avoidance is critical in martial arts. Fighters need advanced protection against common musculoskeletal injuries from misfired punches and improper hand/wrist alignment. Hayabusa has patented an advanced glove design that ensures the athlete is protected to the highest degree possible, and that energy leaks are minimized - maximizing punching power. The Dual-X™ closure and Fusion Splinting™ systems provide perfect ergonomic alignment of the athletes’ hand and wrist. University testing, using axial pressure sensors, demonstrated the superiority of this design in guarding against harmful flexion, extension, and twisting. State of the art protection and unmatched quality, combined with scientific data, means Hayabusa has truly engineered a superior fight glove.


A barrage of tests at the University of Cincinnati identified a new high performance engineered leather material, called Vylar™, as the best candidate for the surface of Hayabusa’s gloves. Though leather is in fact an excellent material, this research looked to push the limits of what gloves can withstand. Vylar™ was tested in extreme conditions to ensure it would excel in continuous hardcore training and repeated fight conditions. From surface abrasion, flexibility, tear, and crack resistance, the test results were nothing less than spectacular, causing more than a few jaws to drop. With the results in hand, it was clear Vylar™ Engineered Leather was the only choice for Hayabusa.



The tokushu gloves contain a specialized carbonized bamboo lining called Ecta™.  This  innovative lining is created with activated carbon molecules.  With the exclusive Ecta™, you get impressive thermoregulating properties, deodorizing effects, and because of the inherent soft properties of bamboo fabric, extreme comfort.