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Heavy bags take a beating day in and day out, but not all heavy bags are built with enough durability to withstand intense, repeated abuse! That is when you see busted bags held together with duct tape to keep the filling from spilling out. Hayabusa has created a heavy bag designed to withstand more abuse than any other heavy bag on the market. With an Ultra Premium FULL leather exterior and exclusive no stretch lining, this PRO HEAVY BAG stays perfectly shaped and does not stretch like poorly constructed bags. Best of all, the striking surface feels great when driving into it with heavy punches, knees, and kicks, or quick, rapid fire combos. Built for commercial use, but perfect for your basement or garage, this heavy bag is the best and only heavy bag you will ever need.


*Note: bag is shipped UNFILLED and without carabiner clip

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Pro Heavy Bag Pro Heavy Bag
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  • The Toughest Heavy Bag ever created
  • 100% Ultra Premium Leather Construction
  • Exclusive Non-Stretch Lining to Retain Perfect Shape & Performance
  • 5’ (150cm tall) in length for all intense striking
  • Impressive 4’ circumference
  • Easy to self fill. 125lb/57kg fill weight
  • Ultra Durable Quiet Webbing-No Chain Hanger

*Note: bag is shipped UNFILLED and without carabiner clip